Pacific Coffee 12月2831日期间登记会员

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Pacific Coffee 12月2831日期间登记会员Pacific Coffee 12月2831日期间登记会员

Pacific Coffee 又做优惠,今次仲唔使 ecoupon,只要大家係 Perfect Cup 卡会员,就可以于 12 月 28 日至 31 日期间享有杂莓鸟结牛奶咖啡买一送一的优惠啦!


想过一个暖笠笠的圣诞节又怎可缺少一杯热烘烘咖啡!圣诞限定的杂莓鸟结牛奶咖啡以全新农地直购的18/25 Altura咖啡豆调製,经典的鸟结糖风味更能突出牛奶的丰腴口味,充满馥郁的果香,口味更清新,喝下每一口都充满幸福感。由12月28日至31日以会员卡储值金额购买杂莓鸟结牛奶咖啡可享买一送一优惠。
*优惠适用于香港Pacific Coffee(伊利沙伯医院、玛丽医院、玛嘉烈医院及亚洲国际博览馆分店除外)
*优惠只适用于己登记之Perfect Cup卡会员
*如有争议,Pacific Coffee Co. Ltd. 将保留最终决定权

Christmas might be over but you can still share happiness, and a Mixed Berry Nougat Latte, with your friends! The flavor of nougat perfectly brings out the rich taste of fluffy milk, while the fresh fruity aroma of mixed berries gives it a balanced and complex flavor. This is an exclusive offer for registered Perfect Cup Card members from Dec 28 – 31, 2015. *Terms and conditions apply.
*The offer is valid on Dec 28 – 31, 2015.
*The offer is applicable to all Hong Kong coffeehouses (excluding Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Queen Mary Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and Hong Kong World Expo coffeehouses).
*The offer is applicable to registered Perfect Cup Card members only.
*Both purchased and complimentary beverages apply to Mixed Berry Nougat Latte only, and exclude Classic Nougat Latte.
*The complimentary beverage(s) apply to the lowest value of the ordered beverage(s) in the transaction.
*Member must settle full payment with loyalty cash.
*The complimentary beverage(s) must be redeemed immediately with the purchased beverage(s)
*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion, except bring-your-own-mug discount but only on the purchased beverage(s).
*A maximum of 3 beverages can be purchased per transaction.
*Offer is not applicable to delivery service.
*Pacific Coffee reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.